14 Jan 05

Mini Build Server

I can’t help but think that the new Mac mini would be an ideal dedicated build server for some projects. It has everything you don’t need and everything you want in a build server, including a price tag that won’t dent your budget.

13 Jan 05

Visualizing Your Network Status

Got better things to do than refresh your network status pages? Write a simple screen scraper that visually alerts you to network outages. Here’s how.

11 Jan 05

A Sneak Peek at Automator

The goal of ubiquitous automation is one of the reasons I’m excited about Automator: a feature in the soon-to-be-released Mac OS X Tiger. Working with Automator, the latest article in the Tiger Developer Overview Series, gives you a quick overview of Automator, and then shows you how you can build your own Actions and share them with other users.

30 Dec 04

Using CruiseControl with Subversion

One of the convenient things about Subversion is that it looks and feels like CVS. To demonstrate the similarities, I ported the CruiseControl configuration files included in the book to use Subversion.

29 Dec 04

Automation Saves Christmas

Last Christmas, Simon Chappell and his team leaned on software automation to keep up with the pace of warehouse automation. Seeing this well-oiled machine in action, I just kept repeating one word: Wow!

17 Dec 04

Christmas Glow

Have you put up your Christmas lights? With each red and green strand, you can radiate the build status another 50 feet or so across your project. Jeremy Whitlock sent in these festive pictures from his project.

06 Dec 04


When Mike Blake’s team used their own mobile application to serve up a fresh build of that same application, they made sure they had something to help wash the dog food down. Brilliant!

18 Nov 04

Checking Up on the Competition

This simple Ruby script pays for itself time and again by checking up on your web site, and possibly even your competition.

18 Nov 04

Automation Gear On Display

Stop by and visit the good folks at Softpro Books in Denver for a first-hand look (and feel) at some of Mike’s project automation gear.

11 Nov 04

Got Project Automation?

A new ONJava article by Mike Clark on project automation shows you how life on your project could be.

04 Nov 04

Project Automation On the Mac

Mike Clark posts the slides from his automation talk at the O’Reilly Mac OS X Conference.

03 Nov 04

Blogging Your Build

Simon Brown describes how to automatically publish the results of your build process to a project blog for everyone to see.

29 Oct 04

CruiseControl 2.2 Released

The latest release of the CruiseControl includes a number of new features and squashes known bugs.

16 Oct 04

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lava lamps are visual feedback devices. But what if you can’t see your project’s lamps because they’re connected to a build machine that’s halfway around the world?

12 Oct 04

Boiling .NET Code

Curtis Olson contributed this story about how to control lava lamps from CruiseControl.NET.