15 Jul 05

Yes, We're Control Freaks

It’s relatively easy to automate small things, but it’s especially rewarding when those recipes are applied to automate the big things, as well. In his latest blog, James Duncan Davidson discusses some strategies that you might be able to pick up and apply to your project.

09 Jun 05

Firefox Plugin for CruiseControl

Monitor CruiseControl builds from Firefox.

03 Jun 05

CruiseControl Widget

Put the CruiseControl Widget on your Dashboard and monitor builds at a glance.

22 May 05

Rapid Feedback

How to use a Subversion post-commit script to deploy your application early and often.

13 May 05

Project Dependencies Using Ant

How to use built-in Ant tasks to manage the build order of sub-projects.

09 May 05


What sorts of autonomation does your project have to "stop the machine" before abnormalities compound?

04 May 05

Quick 'n Dirty RSS

Need to monitor a web site that doesn’t have an RSS feed. Here’s how.

30 Apr 05

Tiger: An Automation Platform

Apple’s latest operating system is an automator’s playground.

29 Apr 05

Tracking Bugs, Cradle to Grave

Here’s one way to provide traceability from a bug report to the file changes that squashed the bug.

29 Apr 05

Ant 1.6.3 Available

Ant 1.6.3 is now available for your automation pleasure.

07 Apr 05

Getting Started with Rake

Jim Weirich has started writing what promises to be an excellent series of Rake tutorials.

05 Apr 05

Ant 1.6 Goody: <subant>

If you’re using Ant but have yet to upgrade to Ant 1.6, then you’re missing out. Here’s a quick example of the new <subant> task.

30 Mar 05

Announcing Pragmatic Studio

Announcing Pragmatic Studio: a two-day interactive workshop where you learn how to make version control, unit testing, and automation work for you!

22 Mar 05

Ruby Growls

Send Growl notifications from within your Ruby application or the command-line from non-Mac machines.

19 Mar 05

Using Growl for Long-Running Builds

Michael McCracken has another neat Growl trick for those of you with a Mac.