25 Sep 04

NSIS 2.01 Released

The latest release of the NSIS installer/uninstaller lets you create continuous builds of Windows applications on a *nix server.

24 Sep 04

Builds In Surround Sound

Ah, it’s Friday—the end of another long week slaving behind a hot keyboard. Here’s a fun story of how one project has spiced up their build process to play success and failure sounds.

22 Sep 04

One Build File, Many Deployment Environments

Daniel Frey sent in this report describing how he uses Ant’s immutable properties and code generation to build a J2EE application for any given deployment environment at the push of a button.

19 Sep 04

Programs That Growl

Growl is a central notification system for Mac OS X that makes it easy to send notifications from your applications that get displayed on the screen.

18 Sep 04

Upcoming Project Automation Talks

Mike Clark is scheduled to speak on Pragmatic Project Automation at several upcoming venues. Here’s the current schedule.

17 Sep 04

Tracking Projects by the Dashboard Lights

Check out this insightful article describing how one team uses automation—powered by Ruby and Java—to keep a large, geographically distributed Java project on track.

14 Sep 04

Programming Ruby 2 Available For Pre-Order

The book Programming Ruby 2 (aka the PickAxe book) is now available for pre-order. It’s a great way to get started using Ruby for your automation needs.

14 Sep 04

Quartz Quick Start

A quick-start tutorial for scheduling jobs with Quartz, an open source job scheduling system written in Java.

12 Sep 04

Your Router Is On Fire

Another example of how visual feedback devices transcend software development.

09 Sep 04


Glenn Vanderburg shares a story from the field about why you should always assume that you’ll need a real programming language if you want to allow your software system to be automated through commands, and how doing so can make your system more robust.

08 Sep 04

Your Project's Unlikely Hero

Jeffrey Fredrick’s excellent article on continuous integration draws an important distinction between nightly builds and continuous integration, and describes how his project customized CruiseControl to meet their needs.

01 Sep 04

Light Up Your System Tray

If you just can’t convince the boss to buy lava lamps, or your team is dislocated and can’t share a visual monitoring device, then you need another visual way to monitor your build. Here’s a script that puts a red or green icon in your system tray.

31 Aug 04

Oozing Confidence

Alberto Savoia tells us how an April Fool’s Day joke turned into a valuable feedback tool for this team.

27 Aug 04

CVS Loginfo to RSS

A simple Ruby script converts CVS commit information into a convenient RSS feed.

13 Aug 04

Letting CVS Pull The Trigger

CVS exposes two "hooks" during the commit process that make triggered automation a breeze. This how-to walks you through a quick example of writing callback programs and registering them with CVS so that automation happens behind the scenes every time you commit changes.