14 Sep 04

Quartz Quick Start

A quick-start tutorial for scheduling jobs with Quartz, an open source job scheduling system written in Java.

12 Sep 04

Your Router Is On Fire

Another example of how visual feedback devices transcend software development.

09 Sep 04


Glenn Vanderburg shares a story from the field about why you should always assume that you’ll need a real programming language if you want to allow your software system to be automated through commands, and how doing so can make your system more robust.

08 Sep 04

Your Project's Unlikely Hero

Jeffrey Fredrick’s excellent article on continuous integration draws an important distinction between nightly builds and continuous integration, and describes how his project customized CruiseControl to meet their needs.

01 Sep 04

Light Up Your System Tray

If you just can’t convince the boss to buy lava lamps, or your team is dislocated and can’t share a visual monitoring device, then you need another visual way to monitor your build. Here’s a script that puts a red or green icon in your system tray.

31 Aug 04

Oozing Confidence

Alberto Savoia tells us how an April Fool’s Day joke turned into a valuable feedback tool for this team.

27 Aug 04

CVS Loginfo to RSS

A simple Ruby script converts CVS commit information into a convenient RSS feed.

13 Aug 04

Letting CVS Pull The Trigger

CVS exposes two "hooks" during the commit process that make triggered automation a breeze. This how-to walks you through a quick example of writing callback programs and registering them with CVS so that automation happens behind the scenes every time you commit changes.

07 Aug 04

Listening To Complex Systems

Pragmatic Programming relies on feedback, but it can be difficult to monitor in complex environments (e.g., fighter pilots, network administrators, software developers). A sonic ecology can leverage peripheral hearing to provide information-rich monitoring without distracting you.

29 Jul 04

Staking Out File Changes

Want your computer to automatically run a command whenever a file changes? No problem. Michael McCracken got tired of running his unit tests when his source files changed, so he wrote the stakeout program. Inspired by that work, I wrote a quickie Ruby script that keeps an eye on files for you.

27 Jul 04

Tuning In

Tune your favorite RSS reader in to the PragmaticAutomation.com RSS feed and let your computer deliver fresh automation goodies right to your desktop!

21 Jul 04

Pragmatic Project Automation Template

Create your very own pragmatic project—directory structure, Ant build file, CruiseControl configuration files, etc.—using the Pragmatic Project Automation template. This Megg template will get you up and running in no time.

13 Jul 04

What's Your SMS Email Address?

Want to sneak out of the office for an afternoon at the beach, but you need to know if a scheduled build fails or an application crashes? No problem. Here’s how to find your cell phone or pager’s SMS email address to plug in to the examples in the book.

13 Jul 04

Pragmatic Project Automation Excerpts Available

Pragmatic Project Automation has gone to the printers! It will be available for purchase on or about July 19th. But there’s no need to delay getting started. Three chapter excerpts are now available for download.

13 Jul 04

CruiseControl on a Large Scale

The CruiseControl continuous build framework can scale from the 2-person team just getting started to the 800-person team with millions of lines of Java code under their belts. Jared Richardson contributed this success story and an inside look at how CruiseControl was tailored for a very large project.