04 Nov 04

Project Automation On the Mac

Last week I gave a talk at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference on how to use your Mac to automate your Xcode projects. It’s a slight twist on the automation tool set described in the book, using all the same automation techniques. The slides are available here.

The conference was a lot of fun and the people were great. What stuck with me was how important it is to visit communities of people that use different tools to build software. The tools we use influence how we go about solving problems and making good software. By temporarily moving to a different technology neighborhood, so to speak, you get to see and hear things from a different perspective. And the next time you’re faced with solving a problem, you have one more colorful piece in your mosaic of options.

Many thanks to O’Reilly for inviting me out to speak and for putting on a fantastic show. Thanks also to all the people who attended, shared their ideas, welcomed an outsider with open arms, and showed up to my talk.